Rock & Goal © Didier Philispart
Rock & Goal © Didier Philispart
Rock & Goal © Agnès Mellon
Rock & Goal © Agnès Mellon

Rock & Goal


: 45 min

Michel Kelemenis

Kelemenis & cie

A playful triangle between dance, sport and popular music for 5-year-olds and up !

Lizzie likes baseball and David likes kung fu. Elliott prefers gymnastics and Serena tennis…

Together they play Rock & Goal !

Because efficiency and precision are important in this discipline, a single gesture is all a dancer needs to depict a particular sport. In addition, the Olympian list of practices that the virtuosos of Rock & Goal zoom through seem like just one more sport, which the children (and their parents) will participate in for sure…

Michel Kelemenis draws the characters of his new fable with imaginative fantasy while keeping in mind that he was a gymnast before encountering dance and excelling in it. He plays with this anecdote to map out broader horizons going from the sporting gesture to the danced gesture, a necessarily poetic journey that progressively frees itself of all references in order to take off and fly freely.

A transformation occurs between the positive values of sport and the equally fulfilling values of art. Even while expending effort, or experiencing doubts and failure, a cheerful breath of air fills the room to, possibly, ward off the woes of the world during the necessarily loving encounter with 4 luminous performers. Lighthearted and carefree, the path of this ode to freedom is set against a background of For a young public 5 years old and plus popular music that exalts the danced gesture, raising it like a trophy towards the sky!