: 35min

Michel Kelemenis

Kelemenis & cie

Adaptation for 7 dancers of the work 1997 MK 13 and destined for a young audience
“The question, recurring over the years, of the vanity of art, particularly in light of society’s miseries, is the subject of this dance that makes fun of itself. 7 dancer-clowns with frozen smiles exert themselves to prolong the suspense, anxious to escape what should happen. The animated relationships of these modern heroes inspire sequences where one is moved by simple things, and not the barbaric acts they suggest: MK 13 is not a cynical eye focused on the violence in this world but rather an acknowledgement of the carapaces we all create to avoid suffering. Radically sequenced by brief orchestral moments borrowed from the Polish composer, Wojciech Kilar, known for his film scores, the dance produces words and other sounds that sometimes resemble cartoons, or a silent film with sound added.”

Michel Kelemenis


Choreography - Michel Kelemenis
Dancers - Séverine Bauvais, Romain Cappello, Céline Huard, Christophe Le Blay, Cécile Maubert, Jean-Baptiste Moutte, Jeanne Vallauri
Music - Wojciech Kilar
Light - Manuel Bernard
Costumes - Benoît Petit made by Gérard Viard
Shoes - Patrick Valdivia


Kelemenis & cie


La Marseillaise Laure Royan


Poetic universe, tender humor, a hard, derisory look on life. Capturing the attention of children is not easy. The wager was won judging by the silence in the auditorium. These 7 dancer-clowns fascinated with their frozen smiles arriving without warning into the sparse decor. A giant screen depicts bubbles and interrogation marks : is this life ? Funny question. The children laugh when an imaginary firecracker explodes in all of their minds. With their faces bursting with joy, these characters are straight out of a modern fairly tale. Alliance of dance and humor produces a strange alchemy of the sublime and complete simplicity. It’s beautiful. It’s also beautiful to see dozens of little faces filled with wonder by this journey into the magical world of Kelemenis.