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Michel Kelemenis

Kelemenis & cie

« This is not a global production with the ambition to synthesize and then summarize human diversity. It issues more from a desire to compose a choreography that is both explicit and abstract using an inventory of elements that I just happen to love and that I chose for themselves. »

Michel Kelemenis  

Cités citées is inspired by 8 sister ports of Marseille: Abidjan, Alexandria, Dakar, Genoa, Hamburg, Kobe, Piraeus and Shanghai. Dream cities scattered to the four corners of the globe, Michel Kelemenis unites them in one single trip. He resided and worked in each of these cities and brought back strange sounds and singular images that he scattered in the show. For each city, he wrote complex choreographic material that he observed in traditional dances or that was inspired by the general atmosphere of the ports. African energy, Japanese rituals or the details of Chinese gestures, for example, are all characteristics that allow the chorographer to find meaning in group-dances and to investigate infinitely larger and freer spheres. Michel Kelemenis and the 8 dancers that accompany him try to express both the multiplicity of information he received and its simultaneous existence.


Choreography - Michel Kelemenis 
Dancers- Aïcha Aouad, Arnaud Cabias, Philippe Combeau, Pascal Labarthe, Frédéric Leprevost, Elise Olhandeguy, Corinne Rochet, Claudine Zimmer 
Sound - André Serré, Eric Maurin, Michel Kelemenis, Frédéric Viricel 
Scenery - Christine Le Moigne 
Costumes - Christine Le Moigne, Michel Kelemenis 
Shoes - Patrick Valdivia 
Light - Evelyne Rubert


Théâtre du Gymnase (Marseille), Office de la culture de Marseille, Théâtre de l’Agora - scène nationale d’Evry, Centre de création lyrique, musicale et chorégraphique de Saint-Etienne, 
Association Beaumarchais

With the help of la Fondation du Japon, Prix Léonard de Vinci, Le Merlan - scène nationale de Marseille, Théâtre de l’Olivier - Istres

Acknowledgment our friends of Abidjan, Alexandria, Dakar, Genoa, Hamburg, Kobe, Pireas and Shanghai.


Libération Fabienne Arvers


A cheerful alphabet
Michel Kelemenis developed his own gestural language, which approaches graphic detail but which continuously involves the entire body by appropriating the characteristics of dances encountered in Africa or Asia where energy mingles with stylization and pure physical pleasure, the impact of a sacred ritual, without the passage from one to another being forced or overblown. So, the pleasure of receiving is definitely on the agenda.

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