Plaisir d'Offrir

The Pleasure of Giving


Michel Kelemenis

Kelemenis & cie

One evening Nick took Suzy’s hand they go to a car parked farther away and walk ZIK so quickly that Suzy’s legs get cold she has a short skirt She loves Nick dearly and she knows very well he wants to show her something or tell her a secret. Secrets said Suzy speaking to herself (her face showing an effort) are often hidden by special paper and chosen BINN for the occasion around them there is a ribbon the same color as the paper and the ribbons are sometimes so pretty that you would want to keep them unopened By throwing a few furtive glances at her companion Suzette tells him (in that voice that makes boys smile) "it would be nice to jump to get closer to the stars above our heads but they’re KLUM so far and we could get hurt by falling what about playing the game of shooting stars" (she hopes to see him slow down) but Dick TCHAK is still OUF holding her hand and walking a little ahead of her Suzette blue whales have a waterspout on their head that shoots just like the big geysers we learn about in geography or rockets at takeoff or racing cars at full speed (Suzette) that look like big toys and PLOC PLAFF now shuuuuush, we’re here (says big Dick cutting off Suzette)

Claude Moureau-BondyApril 1987


Cie Bagouet - Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier, CANOPE création musicale

With the support of la Maison de la danse de Lyon


Vidéodanse Fabienne Arvers

A manifest work : in “Plaisir d’Offrir” Michel Kelemenis is not afraid to make a synthesis of the manifest influence of Dominique Bagouet, for whom he was long the interpreter, and the renewal of his own sources of inspiration. This duo reveals the emergence of body language proper to the choreographer, nourished by his taste for ornamentation and mannerism. Fabienne Arvers (excerpt from the Vidéodanse catalog of the Centre Georges Pompidou 1994)

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