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(A cold light to illuminate our) GAMES


: 17min

Michel Kelemenis

Ballet de l’Opéra National du Rhin

(Une lumière froide pour éclairer nos) JEUX  echoes the original fantastical projection by Diaghilev, which he could not morally embody in 1913: the intention to depict an erotic relationship between a mature man and two young men was in fact discreetly hidden and the work was premiered by Nijinsky for a man and two women. The idea is transposed here for three women or three men in alternation. This afforded me a second opportunity (after the solo Clin de lune, 1993), to work with a masterpiece by Claude Debussy, which has the sublime particularity of creating space, clarity and rustling from the very first note… a time spontaneously open to movement. The photographer Jacqueline Salmon, the lighting designer Manuel Bernard, and the costume designer Christian Burle compose the receptacle of a dance that explores without innocence the relationship between each protagonist and their two partners.

Michel Kelemenis


Choreography - Michel Kelemenis 
Dancers - trio interprété en alternance par 3 hommes ou 3 femmes 
Music - Claude Debussy Jeux 
Light - Manuel Bernard 
Stage design - Jacqueline SalmonMichel Kelemenis 
Costumes - Christian Burle


Production Ballet de l’Opéra National du Rhin – Centre Chorégraphique National

Additional texts

 The photomontage

"The projected image is a photo-montage : an abandoned tennis court and a nuclear power plant against the sky. It is composed of nine squares that appear successively forming at the end of the choreography a screen behind which the dancers disappear…" 

Jacqueline Salmon took the photos, did the photo-montage and the scenography. Scanning and retouching were done by par Picto Rhône-Alpes in Lyon and the projections were realized by JFZ in Strasbourg.