Reflet © Agnès Mellon
Aventure Coloniale © Didier Philispart
La danse de Mélina © Jean Barak
Désert d'amour © Jean Barak



: 1h00

Michel Kelemenis

Kelemenis & cie

Michel Kelemenis opens his artistic diary not without a touch of self-mockery and humour. Coming from the creative ferment of young French dance of the 1980s, he revives the historical or offbeat pages of his transformational journey from a dancer to a choreographer in a few duets written well before founding his own creative structure.

1984, a pivotal year.


Choreography - Michel Kelemenis, Dominique Bagouet, Angelin Preljocaj
Dancers - Luc Bénard, Laurent Le Gall, Claire Indaburu, Cécile Robin-Prévallée
Musics - Claude Debussy, Philippe Hersant, Marc Khanne, Tristan Murail, Christian Zanési
Songs– Christophe, France Gall, Melina Mercouri
Costumes recreated by – Philippe Combeau
Lighting- Michel Kelemenis assisted by Alexandre Martre 


Kelemenis & cie

With support by Théâtre du Merlan, scène nationale de Marseille

with our thanks to Angelin Preljocaj and des Carnets Bagouet


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