Shortly Before © Peylan

Shortly Before


: 10min

Michel Kelemenis

with Opéra National de Paris

Jean Guizerix, principal dancer of the Paris Opera, dances solos by 7 contemporary choreographers based on each of the sayings that compose The Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross by Joseph Haydn. Works by : Dominique Boivin, Andy de Groat, Daniel Larrieu, François Raffinot, Mark Tompkins and Christine Bastin. Michel Kelemenis inaugurates the cycle of world premieres with the solo Peu avant.

“The idea of presenting different choreographic writing in the same space and through a single performer gave me great joy. I pursued to the fullest the idea of having an inquisitive dancer anxious to live with his ‘carcass’ become a concept characteristic of our time : diversity.” 

Jean Guizerix

For the Biennale de la Danse de Lyon in September 1992, Jean Guizerix and Michel Kelemenis simultaneously perform a double interpretation of Peu avant on the immense stage of the Halle Tony Garnier, 2 bodies for the same choreography, 2 visions of the same work.

In July 1994, The Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross by Jean Guizerix was premiered in its entirety at the Danse à Aix Festival.


Choreography Michel Kelemenis 
Dancers Jean Guizerix & Michel Kelemenis 
Music "Les sept paroles du Christ en croix" de Joseph Haydn


Place of creation Festival Danse à Aix


Telex danse Cécile Parisot


We could see the work as a new word following the long sentence written 2,000 years ago. Baroque vocabulary, contemporary sound. “The Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross” is nourished by desires and encounters between people, between thoughts, and between individual and collective stories. Arts in an open dialogue, overlapping epochs, confrontations of choreographic genres, the work transcends us, and does so through its key components, in spirituality and in duration. Will its future be long ? One hopes so for its accession to maturity and for the blossoming of each of its ingredients.