: 20min

Michel Kelemenis

Kelemenis & cie

The challenge of this piece was to articulate an artistic encounter in the form of a competition. From the very beginning, Aléa integrates the hypothesis of various bodies, engaged in dance in various ways, as in life. Originally written as a quartet and premiered in 2005, the work was rewritten for 7 dancers from the CNSMD in Lyon in 2006 and adapted in 2007 for 7 dancers from the contemporary dance professional training group of the Coline in Istres, and then for the Beijing Modern Dance Company

It has recently entered the Kelemenis & cie repertory.

To consider otherness simply, to put it on stage, or more precisely, to offer it as a treasure to be observed. 
Kelemenis formulated this objective following numerous collaborations with dancers from multicultural backgrounds: he has effectively danced with Africans and Asians, circus performers, ballet dancers and students. In Aléa, he abstracts his own style from the dialogue between individual performers and engages them in a dance, which, even if common to them all, permits each one to reveal the elements that go into its making.

The way each one takes possession of the gesture becomes the arena of observation, and the body becomes the central focus.

The writing process creates an interlacing effect that organizes the disappearances and reappearances of the performers: this creates a unifying element that, from within the dance, transcends the simple juxtaposition of individual qualities. From crisscrossing circulations spring brief solos and duos that reveal one performer or another, the kinetic effect of dance answers to the hypnotic resonances of the electronic musical field of Saphir, Sillons, Silences.

The silhouettes seen in the simplest of marches are followed by a succession of dynamics and constellations. 
The work concludes with a crackling of solitary improvisations.


Choreography and Light - Michel Kelemenis 
Dancers - Caroline Blanc, Olivier Clargé, Marianne Descamps, Gildas Diquero, Tuomas Lahti, Bastien Lefèvre, Christian Ubl 
Music - Christian Zanési SaphirSillonsSilences 
Light assistant - Alexandre Martre 
Costumes - Philippe Combeau


Kelemenis & cie 
Ballet Preljocaj

The projetcts of Kelemenis & cie ar financed by BNP-Paribas Foundation