: 20min

Michel Kelemenis

Kelemenis & cie

Viiiiite, or how to stage the evanescence of a danced movement. The principle component of a duo is a gestural phrase performed in unison, like an axiom, which is then repeated and decomposed so its elements can be visually memorized while they are simultaneously pushed aside. The ruptures of the unbridled and brutal gestural flow fixate graphic forms borrowed from the solo, Clin de lune, written by Kelemenis in 1993 exploring notions of disappearance and separation: traces of traces… Subtexts created by accident and immobility remind us that the immensity of hidden memory can be unleashed in a flash, in the form of violent emotions, suddenly and randomly: for example, upon seeing a photograph, or smelling a perfume…

By soliciting memory, this dance questions itself in an attempt to make concrete a utopian hopefulness: that of retaining the ephemeral gesture and of prolonging its afterglow.

Viiiiite, onomatopoeia of a stridence, aims the “sharpening acuity” of a dance’s spirit, the way memory inscribes itself into the spirit that watches dance, the fullness it procures, and the emptiness that follows…

Between these 2 poles, is evanescence substance?