Aphorismes Géométriques


: 1h15

Michel Kelemenis

Kelemenis & cie

How to give oneself only a short time to witness, with a bang, the birth of a reactive work. To create fleeting encounters, to extract individual, essential or raw substances from them and present them as elements of dialogue between the individual and his socially determined function. 4 dancers-women pour 6 pieces, created during 5 days : a desire for speed, guides the conception of Geometric Aphorisms.

The essential relationship between dance and music unfolds: the reaction to musical works is the starting point, the support and beacon for the rehearsal stages. 5 days are dedicated to developing each proposition, after which their unveiling at the studio will clarify the elements focused upon. Each of the 4 dancer-bodies is swept away towards a deadline expressed in terms of hours, stripped bare, alone or together.


General design and Choreography - Michel Kelemenis
Dancers - Caroline Blanc, Marianne Descamps, Virginie Lauwerier, Claudine Zimmer
Music - Olivier Stalla, Cantus Primus & Cantus Ultimus
Inge MorgenrothDear Kokon
Patrick Portella, Le voyage d’hiver
Stephan Dunkelman, Rituellipses
Georges Boeuf, Aux portes de la nuit
Costumes - Blanche de la TasteAline Desherbais / Guérilla Couture
Light - Jean-Hughes Molcard


Kelemenis & cie

With the support of l’Adami
Accueils-studio 2005 des Centres Chorégraphiques Nationaux de Biarritz, de Mulhouse / Ballet de l’opéra national du Rhin, de Grenoble / Gallotta, de Marseille / Ballet National de Marseille, direction Frédéric Flamand 

Danse à Aix 
Ambassade de France en Inde


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