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: 45min

Michel Kelemenis

Kelemenis & cie

"Offered regularly in theaters where the company performs, these rehearsals with commentary attempt to diffuse the fear and misunderstanding the public often feels towards choreography, but which fade so quickly when the key is revealed. 
What are the choreographer’s inspiration and his sources? What are the dancers thinking while dancing? What’s in their memory? Why this choice of music? These are the questions most frequently asked by spectators, and these special moments lead us to this hybrid form, halfway between a rehearsal with commentary and a finished performance: in fact, the transition from the first to the second.”
Michel Kelemenis


Choreography - Michel Kelemenis
Dancers - Severine Bauvais, Arnaud Cabias, Frédéric Leprévost, Bertrand Lombard, et Michel Kelemenis
Music - Henri Dutilleux Le mystère de l’instant / Wojciech Kilar Orawa 
Costumes - Philippe Combeau
Light - Philippe Grosperrin


Kelemenis & cie 
Théâtre du Merlan - scène nationale de Marseille


Le Dauphiné


This is actually the staging of a dance rehearsal. The public witnesses the birth of a choreographic work ; the rehearsals are accompanied or not by music, with commentaries by the choreographer who corrects, rectifies and shares his opinion. The viewer is in a privileged position, that of a voyeur invited behind the scenes. The light is dim, the curtains are open in the wings, and the dancers are dressed for a rehearsal. The public is not in its usual place for a performance. It’s a gamble to propose such an original experience, a gamble that pays off.

Var matin


A show built on a simple idea, since it allows us to follow the dancers’ progression from the studio to the stage. The public can thus understand the evolution of a choreographic work. It’s a job that requires great rigor, and this approach allows the viewer to measure every gesture to its true value.