The professional training in contemporary dance in Istres

The professional training in contemporary dance in Istres, Coline, exposes 2 facets of Michel Kelemenis’ activities: as a professional trainer, he multiplies transmissions and presentations at his studio in Marseille; as a sponsor, he invites young dancers to participate in performances with his company.
Aléa 2005 
MK13 2002, adaptation for a young audience 
Tout à trac 2001, adaptation of the trio Traduction simultanée for 7 dancers

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"In Coline, young people are quickly immersed in the pace of working life, and divide their time between the discovery of various techniques, workshops in composition and improvisation, and meetings with choreographers. They create for the group or adapt repertoire pieces, allowing each to measure the way to go.

Built on the model of a company, Coline training is brought to present works on stage. This is in my opinion an additional unique offering that makes no shadow touring professional companies, and simultaneously a complementary instrument of awareness of choreographic art.

Convinced of the accelerating under the meeting with the public in the learning process , I invite each new creation stage in my Studio Marseille . Regards public remarks and feed the young dancers. "

Michel Kelemenis