Image - Out side


: 13min

Michel Kelemenis

The Grand Théâtre de Genève Ballet Company

"Image scrutinizes the opposition between the materiality of the body and the immateriality of its gestures: is the dancer pen or line? Originally a duet, the piece is a work of measured writing: abstract in its lines, but how sensitive, such the respect, complicity and attention to detail are indispensable. 
The version for 4 dancers adds 2 essential dimensions to the choreographic act. The first is formal: doubling a double multiplies the individual and puts him in perspective, as the figures of his own body are being orchestrated. The second dimension, closely resonating with Claude Debussy’s music, is poetic. It speaks of similarity and strangeness, of shimmering, of light and elasticity. The ultimate transformation mixes genres with the transposition of the score for women on pointes. The dancers’ bodies, contemporary or classical, are in the eyes of the choreographer the same sublime instruments of exploration and the expression of the world.”

Michel Kelemenis November 2008


Choreography - Michel Kelemenis
Dancers - Damiano ArtaleLuc Bénard, Yu Otagaki, Cécile Robin-Prévallée 
Music - Claude Debussy 3 Images pour piano pianiste Réginald Le Reun
Costumes - Philippe Combeau
Light - Philippe Duvauchelle


The Grand Théâtre de Genève Ballet Company