2006 / 2007

Beijing Modern Dance Company

The cooperation program, Croisements, sponsored by the cultural services of the French Embassy in Peking, puts Compagnie Kelemenis in contact with the Beijing Modern Dance Company to work together on a project by the director, ZHANG Changcheng, which seeks to reconcile traditional culture with new liberties.
The septet Aléa is adapted to the virtuoso techniques of 6 Chinese dancers joined by Caroline Blanc. The work incorporates the hypothesis of different bodies engaged differently in dance, as in life. Alongside the work of the sensitive accomplice, Christian Zanési, who mixes electronic textures with concrete music creating something close to a movie soundtrack, the choreography is based on interwoven movements from which escape small forms, solos and duets. From the outset, the writing allows for the possibility of changing the number of dancers, just like the movements, according to varying circumstances.

The program presented in 3 cities of the Middle Kingdom (Peking, Chengdu, Shanghai) is divided into 4 works, 3 of which are by Kelemenis. Oat-Midnight Rain, a work by GAO Yanjinzi, is followed by a duet for women (Caroline Blanc and Marianne Descamps), which opens Aphorismes géométriques. And then for this exceptional occasion, Kelemenis scatters once more the crimson petals of his solo, Kiki la rose. Finally, Caroline joins the Chinese dancers for the incessant interwoven movements of Aléa.